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Customs brokerage

Cesna Logistics offers customs brokerage services as a part of a package of logistic services: while transporting goods both to and from the European Union, speedy customs clearance whichsaves a lot of time is very important. At customs, we represent the various interests of our clients. By entrusting this work to us you will save time and avoid additional issues related to customs brokerage and reporting procedures.

List of customs brokerage services:

  • We prepare documents for all customs procedures (import, export, transit, re-export, re-import, temporary import and export).
  • We fill-in cargo documents.
  • We represent our clients at customs.
  • We provide letters of guarantee for import duties.
  • We open Tir Carnet books, and complete CMR notes for transit cargo.
  • We represent our clients at customs.
  • We provide consultations.

Customs brokerage services are essential, and need to be rendered while importing and exporting cargo from/to Third parties.

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